With the first threat of severe weather and tornadoes sweeping down the plains this weekend, now is as good a time as any to talk about what every Oklahoman should have in their tornado and severe weather prep kit.

While the list may seem like a lot, you can totally tailor it to your home's specific needs..

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What to keep in mind:

  • This is not a long-term supply kit, storms last hours at best.
  • Try to keep to just the comfort essentials.
  • Remember to pack for the kids.
  • Games are mandatory.

If you haven't put together a family tornado plan, do so now. You don't want to be running around the house as the sirens sound.

If you don't have a designated shelter or a public shelter nearby, experts say to pick a small interior spot in your home to shelter, the smaller the better. Closets, bathrooms, etc... Just like we do in school, run the drill with the kids so they know what to do before they need to.

While you don't have to pack the whole house into a prep kit, there are a few things below that you'll agree are necessary for both safety and mental health. Good luck.

Things You'll Need in Your Oklahoma Tornado Prep Kit

Even though the odds of your life being affected by a tornado are extremely thin, there's no harm in being prepared with basic necessities. Even if the storm misses your home you could still find yourself without power or water for days to weeks. Here's a quick rundown on the basics every home should have for tornado season in Oklahoma.

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Odd and Unbelievable Tornado Facts

As far as we've come in the technology surrounding severe weather and tornadoes, there's still a massive amount science still doesn't understand. Yes, there is a generally agreed idea of how they begin, the conditions needed, and the usual atmospheric conditions, but twisters are still wildly unpredictable. Even more fascinating are the strange and almost terrifying facts about these powerful displays of nature.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Tornado Records from Around the Country

With tornadoes on our minds the last few days, I started to wonder about many of the tornado records. How many in one day, biggest outbreak, strongest tornado in history, etc... While we all feel Oklahoma is the home of terrible tornadoes, the stats are somewhat surprising.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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