Man, people really do complain about everything. While we think of it as a modern habit of a populace that has become spoiled by technology, it's logical to assume life is as it has always been.

Throughout the history of time, people cannot be pleased. The only difference is how we're all connected by social media. You don't have to look far to see what the day's upheaval of ire is, just click anywhere and consume the outrage.

I stumbled across a thread of Okies complaining about Oklahoma towns a few weeks ago and decided to bookmark it so I could see how deep the rabbit hole went. It's safe to say the moaning and complaining is done for now, and while I generally focus on as much positivity in the state as possible, this makes for entertaining reading.

Let me just say this... Since humans generally hate it when someone points out the flaws, we typically recoil into defensive behavior. It tends to get pretty vicious.

These are not my views or opinions, I'm just compiling the internet into a quick and organized list. If your town is on it, don't send me one of those famously angry emails I get from time to time. I understand your reaction. My hometown, my current town, and one of my favorite towns are all three on this list for one reason or another. I've made peace with it, you can too.

Here are the top twenty Oklahoma towns even Okies tend to hate.

Top 20 Oklahoma Towns Most Hated by Okies

Oklahoma spends quite a bit of time talking about why we don't like everywhere else. Like Sooner fans and people in Southern OK talk trash on Texas, Northern OK hates Kansas, Eastern OK isn't fond of Arkansas, etc... but what about our own state?

I ran across a dead thread on liberal Facebook--AKA--Reddit where people were talking in detail trying to rank the worst cities in the state. While you may not agree politically with your fellow statesmen, you really can't defend a lot of this. Here's the list for least worse to absolute worst as voted by them.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Where Should Buc-ee's Build Their First Oklahoma Location?

With Buc-ee's being back on the expansion bandwagon, Oklahomans are feeling like we're due for our first location... but where should the beaver conglomerate start in the Sooner State?

After compiling information from social media, here's a quick rundown on the locations Okies think would be a perfect fit for 24/7 hot brisket on the board.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Oklahoma's Prettiest Small Towns

Since the late '90s, there has been a trend across the Sooner State to restore aging downtown areas and preserve the history of every town. Nearly thirty years later, efforts are being recognized in the form of tourism. Whether it's a day trip or something a little longer, here are the prettiest small towns in Oklahoma worth having a meal in and snapping some cool pics.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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