Love him, or hate him, Baker Mayfield, former quarterback for the Oklahoma University Sooner football team has made a name for himself in college football.

First by walking on to not one, but two teams, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma, winning numerous awards including the Heisman Trophy, and now as being the #1 draft pick in the NFL.

What I love about Baker is that even with all of the success he had in college ball, as he waited for the pick to be announced with friends and family, he was genuinely moved and honored to receive such an honor.  Watch as Baker finds out that he's the #1 pick!

I for one, will be watching the opening game for the Cleveland Browns!  Baker makes things happen, and while I know that one player does not make the team; Baker Mayfield may just be the ONE that can shake things up for the Browns!  Oh, and yeah, I'm rocking my Sooner Wear today to celebrate with Baker on his #1 draft pick!


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