What a crazy week it's been for Oklahoma Sooner fans.  First, the loss to the Sooner's biggest rival, Oklahoma State Cowboys on Thanksgiving weekend, then, your coach leaves at what seemed like a moment's notice.  Former head coach, Bob Stoops, steps in as interim coach for the Bowl game, and now former defensive coordinator, Brent Venables returns in the head coaching position.

That's a lot of change in just a little over a week.  Did we complain?  You better believe it!  Could OU have played better against the Cowboys? Probably.  Would the outcome of that game make any difference in Coach Lincoln Riley departing Norman for California?  Probably not.  But did we complain? Yep!

I think complaining about your team is kind of a right.  You sweat blood for your team, right? You support them with ticket and merchandise purchases whether they win or they lose. I remember when my granddaddy would listen to his beloved Atlanta Braves on the radio.  When they won, they were great, when they lost, they were bums.  It's the same story for college football.

Any guesses who ranks as the top complainers?  Well, maybe it has something to do with their ranking.  You guessed it, Alabama has fans that complain the most.  That's in the NCAA combined.  In our conference, the Big 12, Oklahoma Sooners are #2 and Cowboys are #3.  Well, at least we beat them there!

Jeri Anderson

In October 2021, Bookies.com surveyed 2,000 college football fans from around the country to ask them about their opinions on NCAA football fan bases and the Power Five conferences; 50% of respondents were male and 50% were female. The average age of respondents was 30.

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