If you fall into a certain category of shopper, you might be in for a surprise the next time you check out at your local Oklahoma Walmart. The big-box conglomerate is cracking down on coupon usage.

While the self-checkout changes have been all over the news and social media recently, the coupon policy changes were quietly implemented across all Walmarts in the Sooner State.


What's changing in Walmart's coupon policy?

The most noticeable and significant change to the policy is the elimination of overages.

Clever couponers could often present coupons worth more than Walmart was selling an item for, in which case Walmart would pay the customer the difference. That is no longer the case.

In the new policy, "if the value of a coupon exceeds the purchase value of the item, Walmart does not give cash back nor will any overages apply to the remaining items in the transaction."

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While that's the biggest change to the coupon policy, that's not the only change made.

Walmart is also opting out of digital coupons. You used to be able to scan or present coupons on your phone, but that will no longer be allowed.

Same for expired coupons. If they're out of date, they're no longer valid.

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Other changes...

While Walmart has been understanding in the past, the details will matter from now on. If you present a coupon, it must now match the specific item you're purchasing. Brand, product, color, weight, quantity, etc...

Walmart is also limiting manufacturer coupons to just one per transaction, so you can no longer stack multiple coupons on any single item.


Last but not least, Walmart will no longer offer a manual override for coupons that won't scan or be recognized by the system. It's not a choice of your cashier, there is no longer a procedure for them to do this according to Coupons in the News.

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