I know we're a little close to Christmas to really drive home the 'Christmas in Summer' point, but you might want to remember this six months from now.

Oklahoma now has a year-round Christmas store.

Before you assume it's OKC's North Pole City--they aren't year-round. They put out the holiday stuff early like Hobby Lobby does, but they don't usually open until September.


Oklahoma's year-round Christmas store is called Jeri Christmas, and you can only find it in Southwest Oklahoma.

Opened earlier last summer in Lawton, it has been far more popular a shopping destination than anyone assumed it would be. After all, who is shopping for Christmas stuff when it's 115° outside?

As it turns out, a lot of people.

From the kitch and small-batch artesian type holiday decor, people have driven from all corners of the state to shop at this tiny Christmas experiment of a store, and it looks like Jeri Christmas is going to make a run at making it a full-time year-round thing.

It's not just Christmas...

One of the biggest selling points that seems to strike a nerve with people is the farmhouse theme of the decor. Sure, it's Christmas-themed, but nobody would bat an eye if any of it stayed out all year long in your home, especially if you have divested in ample amounts of farmhouse style yourself.

It's also a shockingly popular place to grab the kind of gifts you'd see on Pinterest but be too lazy or uncreative to do yourself.

If you'd like to experience Jeri Christmas yourself, here is where you can find the details... when it's open, where it's at, etc...

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