Summer 2022 has been brutal so far in Southwest Oklahoma. Up to this point, we've experienced temperatures well over 100° daily. While a majority of people are celebrating today's cooler temperature hovering around 90°, I'm not happy about it.

We have suffered with these extremely hot temperatures all month. We were on track for a perfect and record setting July... until today. This is the day that will wreck everything. I think we've endured too much of this heat only to lose the statistics a week-ish from writing a new record in the almanac. I'm super bummed about it.

On the plus side, Oklahoma has still been setting records all month long. In fact, we've been hotter in Southwest Oklahoma than Death Valley, California in the last few weeks. Tell me that's not at least endearing if not miserable.

Oklahoma has been so dang hot that we managed to make national headlines, stealing the thunder back from England while they experience a few days of our climate. Why do we even let them still be a country?

I would have gotten to this a little earlier this week, but let's admit it... Who still has cable or network television in the home? Honestly, if you're not streaming/pirating, you're likely wasting a bunch of money you could be saving, but that's a different story for another time.

Stephen Colbert not only shined a light on Oklahoma's brutal weather, but he also made up new lyrics to our state song and I don't think anyone can deny that shoe most definitely fits.

It's always fun when you see something so personally familiar on a national platform for a reason that's not politically embarrassing.

Good times indeed.

While our July weather record may be out the window, at least the brutally hot temps will be back shortly. It's hot and that sucks, but at least you don't have to mow in that heat. Let's just hope fall is much better for to this year like it was last year.

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