You can't live in Oklahoma and not know the story of Bass Reeves. He was born a slave but later became the first black US Marshall west of the Mississippi and grew to be the iconic legend and inspiration for The Lone Ranger.

While he was as handy with his trusty pistol as Bill Hickock and Wyatt Earp, it was his arrest record that made him THE lawman in the Old West! Almost completely alone, he brought over 3000 outlaws to justice.

The famous saying you've heard in dozens of westerns, along the lines of "I'm not gonna cheat the hangman..." That's Bass Reeves. His partnership with legendary "Hanging Judge" Issac C. Parker made for hundreds of short stories, plays, shows, a musical, and tons of movies playing out their exploits without credit, until now.

His story is finally being told in a new show premiering November 5th on Paramount+.


It's not yet clear how historically accurate the series will be or how much added drama they'll fabricate, but since it's the newest project from Taylor Sheridan--the man behind similar shows like Yellowstone, 1883, and 1923--the bar has certainly been set pretty high.

Enjoy the trailer.


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