Not only does Oklahoma have more than its fair share of haunted places and ghost stories it also has one of the most terrifying urban legends. There are tales being told across the Sooner State of a mythical monster of pure evil. This dark supernatural creature of legend that roams the forests at night is pure horror.


Have you ever heard of the Stikini? If you've lived in Oklahoma for a while you've probably heard a story or two about these terrifying supernatural creatures. Without a doubt, they're one of Oklahoma's scariest monsters.

The Legend of the Stikini is one of Oklahoma's most terrifying tales


So what are they and where did they come from? The Stikini is centered in Native American folklore and originated from the Seminole tribe. Real or myth these creatures are the stuff of true terror and nightmares.


The Stikini are shapeshifters that transform into owl-like creatures at night. During the day they look like ordinary people, but once it's dark out they can turn themselves into a hideous, hybrid-humanoid monster of pure evil.

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They've been described as witch-like creatures, not fully human or owl when fully transformed. They prey on sleeping humans, preferably children feasting upon the still-beating hearts of their victims. They hunt at night and must transform back into their human form before daylight or perish. Similar to vampire lore.

Beware of the dark woods of Oklahoma, you may come face to face with a Stikini

path in a dark and scary forest

To change from human to Stikini they must vomit up and remove their internal organs and hide them somewhere in the woods, usually on or near a tree. After they feed they have to return to the woods, retrieve their organs, and reinsert them in order to transform back into human form. It's disturbing and disgusting.


Stikini are one of the most terrifying Native American legends and the stuff of nightmares. If you're ever in the woods and see what appears to be a skinny witch-looking figure wandering through the trees run.

More details on the Stikini, scary sightings, and stories from Sasakwa, Oklahoma!

Stikini are able to appear as human, owl, or as an owl-human type creature. The entire tale and hopefully just a myth is totally insane. Especially how they transform and remove their internal organs. Everything about this mythical creature is horrific. No wonder most people are spooked by owls and think they're a bad omen.


One thing's for sure, this legend would make one hell of a horror movie. Honestly, I'm surprised someone hasn't made a movie about this yet. Of course, a lot of people believe that just talking about these dreaded and evil creatures will draw them to you. Mentioning their name invokes their attention and deadly attack.

The stuff of nightmares. The story of the Stikini would make for a great horror film

Kovshutin Denis
Kovshutin Denis

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