It's safe to say we can all agree... That wind Sunday night into Monday was insane. Some areas of the state blowing a steady fifty miles per hour, others gusting to over seventy in November? That's springtime weather bruh (or whatever the Zoomers are saying these days).

While it seemed out of place, nobody in this state is a stranger to high winds that linger for an extended amount of time. The only thing Oklahoma wasn't prepared for that day was the fact most municipalities have their Christmas decorations up for all to enjoy.

Chickasha has made itself into a Christmas destination in Oklahoma. They operate of the biggest and oldest drive-thru Christmas light displays in this part of the country, but there is more.

A few years ago, Chickasha made another big splash in the world of holiday cheer by putting in the world's largest leg lamp from A Christmas Story. It was not only hilarious, it was a huge draw for families and narcissistic Instagram "models." Between that and the light display, it's a popular destination this time of year.

Not to be outdone, the Air Force town of Enid announced they were erecting the world's largest Christmas tree, and they delivered on that promise. By the time the lights were turned on, the fully decorated tree stood one-hundred and forty feet tall in their city square. I say "stood" because that hellacious wind took a big chunk out of the top of that tree.

While they haven't said how much of the tree failed in the high winds or how tall it currently stands, Enid officials stated efforts were underway to repair the tree and restore it to glory... which is probably a waste of time. I'll explain below.

If you've ever accepted the challenge of maintaining a real Christmas tree in your living room for the holiday, you already know how hard it is. The moment you cut a tree, much like any growing thing, it starts to dry out.

The natural "solution" is to keep the bowl at the bottom of the tree-holder full of water so it may stay hydrated, but that very rarely works out. By Christmas, most natural trees are so stressed and dried out, the needles just fall everywhere.

If we have that much trouble with a regular old six-foot tree, imagine what that maintenance project is like when the tree is one-hundred and fort feet tall and has been up since October...

Time will tell if they're able to scrap it. Some say "Cut losses, we'll rebuild it next year, but it's still early in the season.

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