As if the hot/cold results of Stoops 18 year tenure wasn't bad enough, superstitious Sooner fans are looking at years of bad luck.

If breaking a mirror is seven years of bad luck... how many years will a collective ensemble of coaches receive for a broken crystal trophy?

Honestly, no more than usual for the Sooners. Sure, we have great years where we teach a team like Auburn a lesson, or roll the Tide over our laps and dish out some sweet spankings... but there's also those years we have to face steamrollers like Clemson and Ohio State.

Is it luck? Is it skill? Or is it a collective on/off type thing for the team? We'll never know, but if OU starts choking again next season, we'll all know why.

For a school that earned $134 million dollars on Sooner football alone, I'm sure there's a ratchet strap budget in there somewhere.

Go Pokes!

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