Not too long after Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters, and the world reacted to 'the snap,' theories of how they'd right the wrong hit the web.

There are two leading theories that most are leaning towards. One has Captain Marvel travelling through time, the other has the remaining Avengers entering the sub-atomic realm with Ant Man to also travel through time. Solid theories, but we won't know until Endgame releases a month from now.

The wildest theory has taken the web by storm. It first popped up on Reddit as a meme, but after careful consideration, someone actually took it further into a very weird fan-fiction type of guess. It postulates that Ant Man will shrink down, enter Thanos through the back door, and blow himself back up to normal size exploding the purple giant into a few pieces. Others, who have given this theory far more thought than it deserves assumes that Ant Man will make the play on through the ear, making a play on Thanos' "You should have went for the head" comment to Thor.

As wild as it all seems, believe me, there's far more to the theory you're not getting here, Paul Rudd has learned about that theory, and being the cool dude he is, rolls with it as if it were a legit theory. Reddit has been on fire since.

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