I'm no stranger to the idea of exotic pets. When I was a kid, we had pet rabbits, quail, and turkeys. Well, they'd often end up on the dinner plate, but still, pets were pets. My parents didn't want us to have dogs or cats, but dad raised protein for us all, so those were close enough.

I believe I was 22 years old the first time I walked into a new friends house and was instantly greeted by a full-grown bobcat. Terrifying to say the least, especially since nobody gave me a heads up. While we think of them as Oklahoma's most deadly predator, it was honestly just like a big dumb friendly dog... that could rip your throat out at any moment it chose.

A few years ago some dude made internet fame for himself showing videos of he and his pet cougar. AKA - mountain lion, puma, etc... It had it's own room where it spent nights behind a locked door, but still, that was just about the most insane exotic pet I thought I'd ever seen.

Since 2020 is so weird anyway, why wouldn't the pets be weird? Who in their right mind has a pet coyote? The reason we have dogs and wolves and coyotes still is this... wolves and coyotes aren't akin to being domesticated. They're wild, and that wild lives deep within them. Not to say you can't pet on them when they're pups, but eventually they grown into their genetics and realize you're a threat and it's their job to fight or flee. Not this coyote though, it seems to love his caretaker. Obviously, it's not sharing the house, but still, it's a wild idea to pet on a coyote.

Just about the only think I would think could top it might be the emotional support armadillo. That'd be impressive.

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