Since National Rescue Dog Day is on a Friday in 2022 (5/20/22), the Comanche County Humane Society is hooking up with the Lawton Petsmart to host an adoption event on Saturday (5/20/22) from 10 AM-3 PM.

When I was little, all I wanted in life was a dog. My mother and father both suffered from pet allergies so the answer to the question "Can we get a dog?" was always a stern no.

My mom likes to tell the story about how I once got really upset about the subject and told her I would have five dogs when I grew up. I was four years old. I'm now in my 30s and still don't have those dogs. A point my mother still likes to add to that story of an upset toddler.

Why don't I have my dogs? Well, it's complicated.

While I came really close to signing on the dotted line when the pandemic kicked off and I had all sorts of at-home time on my hands, my personal and professional schedule keeps me away most of everyday and weekend. Bringing another life into my home only for it to spend its entire life waiting on me to be there seems cruel.

I still want my dogs, but the timing never seems right. I also struggle with the idea of having to pick up after them before mowing. I'll hit that gag reflex just thinking too hard about it. I know it's weak.

If you're ready to bring home a new member of the fam, tomorrow is a great opportunity to do so. Show up at Petsmart between 10 AM-3 PM and see if your new bestie is there.

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