This sad story gives new meaning to the term "diehard fan," and we're not trying to be funny. Two men are dead following an apparent murder-suicide in western Pennsylvania. The cause of the tragedy, family members suggest, is several thousand dollars worth of Phish tickets. Yes, Phish tickets.

Nate Roman was a serious fan of the jam band, and a fight apparently broke out between him and friend Michael Marchines, escalating to a point that left both men dead. Police haven't provided details regarding what the fight was about, but family members are laying the blame on Phish tickets.

Apparently, Roman had recently spent $3,000 on Phish tickets. While that may seem like a lot of cash to pony up, he was a blue collar man who worked his butt off, and traveling to see Phish was his one indulgence.

"Nathan was a coal miner and liked to travel and see the Phish," said Roman's stepfather, Harry Damerow, according to a local CBS affiliate. "He worked hard, he enjoyed traveling all over the world to watch these guys."

Roman's sister says she wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Phish tickets were at the center of these senseless acts of violence. "I could believe it. They lived for that all the way,” Casey Roman told CBS. "I totally believe it. My brother just purchased $3,000 worth of Phish tickets and planned to have a really good time with them."

While the motive and exact cause of the argument remain unknown, certain facts have come to light. Roman and Marchines were inside Hungry Jose's until 2:30AM on Thursday (April 25) and were heard arguing. Shortly after leaving, Roman was shot several times, and he died at a local hospital.

After the shooting, police tracked Marchines via his cell phone.

"We do know the second victim shooting, there was a delay between that,” Lt. Dan Stanek said. “He was moving around, his phone was moving, and our officers were searching the area."

Police found him 30 minutes after the Roman shooting with a gunshot wound to the head. As per CBS, police are in possession of a surveillance video that may shed some light on the strange, sad case.

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