As we roll through the middle of another year gone by, Oklahoma is experiencing changes. Some towns are on the upswing while others are not so much.

For instance, Cushing has historically been one of the more affordable places in Oklahoma to live. With good-paying oil and gas jobs in the Pipeline Crossroads of the World and surprisingly low housing costs, it was always within the top-five places to live in the Sooner State, but - and this is a good thing for them - with the announcement of a new huge refinery, the housing market is turning up there.

Lawton was also on the list previously but has fallen off in the last two years also due to the rising cost of living in a military town. You should see the kinds of rentals going for $850+ in L-town these days. It's shocking.

Other Sooner State towns popped onto the "Most Affordable" list defying expectations. As it turns out, people will live in a crime capital if the cost of living is low enough... After all, you can always spend that family budget surplus on security and such I suppose.

The Ten Most Affordable Places to Live in Oklahoma

Living within your means is a lot easier in a more affordable community. Here are the most affordable places to live in Oklahoma when you compare the cost of living to median income.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Oklahoma's Top-Ten Most Dangerous Cities

While some of Oklahoma's most dangerous cities may not be a total shocker, there are some real surprises on this Top Ten list.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Oklahoma

While catalytic converter and property theft seem to get all of the headlines recently, it's easy to forget how prevalent vehicle theft still is. Oddly enough, 20% of car thefts are reported to have had the keys accidentally left in unattended cars. You'll want to remain vigilant in protecting your ride, especially if you drive one of the ten most stolen vehicles in Oklahoma.

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Oklahomans According to A.I.

While you might not think Oklahoma was so viral on the web, there are hundreds of solid Sooner State-based TikTok accounts and creators out there. Most of them are associated with the #FarmTok tag, a fair amount of Lord Farquad-looking teens tossing slushies on their squatted trucks, but also a handful of standouts. Accounts like OklahomaViews - whose mission seems to be creating epic OK content until they go viral. Let's see if we can make that happen.

Here is what A.I. thinks Oklahomans look like around the state.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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