Hot damn, Pig Destroyer are back with a beefy new track and music video for “Army of Cops.” Hold on to your insides for this one, because the Virginia grindmongers packed this cut to the gills with low-end.

It’s been a long six years since Pig Destroyer hit fans with Book Burner, which was received very favorably by critics for its malevolence. PxDx’s sixth studio album, Head Cage, has been given a Sept. 7 release date and its track listing and artwork have just been revealed. Head Cage will be the band’s first album featuring bass guitar and also boasts vocal cameos from Agoraphobic Nosebleed screamers Richard Johnson and Kat Katz, along with Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker.

Johnson can be seen and heard in the video for “Army of Cops,” which is your classic band-in-a-warehouse type of clip, but it works with creating a visual void with Pig Destroyer’s music. In an official description for Head Cage, Pig Destroyer promise “harrowing tales of philosophical dualities, touching on mortality and depression, fear and violence, and the darkest complexities of the human condition, all told through the distorted lens of delightfully transgressive vocalist/lyricist JR Hayes.”

Guitarist Scott Hull took his usual place as producer for Pig Destroyer’s latest full-length while mixing was handled by Will Putney (Exhumed / Every Time I Die / Body Count). Check out the full details for Head Cage below and click here for pre-order packages.


Pig Destroyer, Head Cage Track Listing

1. Tunnel Under The Tracks
2. Dark Train
3. Army of Cops
4. Circle River
5. The Torture Fields
6. Terminal Itch
7. Concrete Beast
8. The Adventures of Jason and JR
9. Mt. Skull
10. Trap Door Man
11. The Last Song
12. House of Snakes

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