Forget Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater… this is Scotty Hull’s Pro Coffin! In what may be the most ridiculous, and thus best, music video of the year, Pig Destroyer’s “Mt. Skull” puts the “fun” in funeral.

“Mt. Skull” is the latest cut from Pig Destroyer’s upcoming full-length, Head Cage. The sonic equivalent of being beaten profusely, Pig Destroyer’s music takes its toll, but leaves grind fiends coming back for more.

Speaking of grind, fans of the Tony Hawk series will love the “Mt. Skull” video, as it lifts the classic scoring and balance graphics from the original game. Prompted by a funeral procession suddenly foiled by a sudden outbreak of banana peels, a coffin carrying our main character Stanley takes a trip down some very skateable terrain. Stanley’s coffin kickflips, transitions, nosegrinds and nollies its way through a street skater’s paradise, racking up mega points and combos along the way.

“Did someone say banana peels?!?! We here at Pig Destroyer Industries are happy to announce our third video in conjunction with Joe Stankum, so get out your coffins and skate Mt. Skull!” raves PxDx sampler Blake Harrison.

Pig Destroyer’s “Mt. Skull” is two minutes well spent, so watch the video above. Head Cage will see a Sept. 7 release date. Fans can pre-order the album here.

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