Coronado Middle School student Kobi Esquivel received an impromptu hair styling this week by a school administrator who claimed it was against the school's dress code and a distraction to other students.

Esquivel's mother Monica claimed she was never contacted by the school regarding the decision to color on her son's head with a marker. When she later discussed the incident with school administrators, she said they told her the type of haircut her son had could be considered gang-related.

According to Mrs. Esquivel, Kobi "dresses in khakis, a shirt, not in loose pants or anything" and is not representing any gang.

The hair style in question consists of the side of the head shaved close, but not to the skin, with the hair on top of the head wore longer. Essentially, a type of comb-over haircut.

Plainview ISD's student handbook rules out lines or designs drawn into the head. Esquivel argues that her son's hairstyle does not feature a line or design. You can see the pictures here.

For now, Esquivel said the school is providing time for her son's hair to grow back in and cover the offending line.

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