When it comes to somewhat comical police pursuits, you can almost always count on Europe. You're getting a first-person POV what it's like to be a kid running from the fuzz. The daring escape takes place on a mini-scooter of all things, and as modern European PD's are known for their politeness and minimizing risk, they basically try to encourage this kid to pull over rather than intentionally crash him. I mean, yeah, there's a little crash in the mix, but it seemed more or less a mixing of metal rather than malicious intent.

Now I've scoured the web seeking out a source country or even the reason this whole event transpired, but to no avail. Some sites point that this took place in Germany, others indicate it happened in Denmark. Some of the comments on YouTube suggest this young man eventually received his ticket(s), but there's no way to source it. Regardless, it's like watching a less intense GTA:V Europe!

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