This lady lost it at a Taco Bell and started destroying the place. That's when police showed up and ended her rampage with the use of a taser. I have to just it's very satisfying to watch and her garbled screams and yelling, flopping around on the ground like a fish while being shocked is absolutely hilarious!

I have no idea why she went crazy, I wish the officer would have let her finish her sentence before pulling the trigger. All we got was "I come in here and spend hundreds of dollars and the mother f@ker$...AGHHAAGAHAA." I for one really want to know the end of that explanation. I mean if you're spending hundreds of dollars at Taco Bell you deserve to be heard even if you're smashing the place up with a crowbar. Maybe those Nacho Fries weren't available at that location. The last freak out at Taco Bell centered around french fries, so who knows.

She deserved what she got! Look we've all been there and it can be frustrating to say the least. You order something and they don't have it or screw your order up, usually in the drive thru. But you don't go berserk and start destroying the place or threaten violence. What the hell is wrong with people? It's a dangerous time to be in the fast food industry...

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