Here's the gist of the story... A group of close knit friends like to pull pranks on each other. They are all pilots, have their own planes, and obviously have too much money and time on their hands. When one buddy TP's another buddies plane, they decide that dropping a thousand dollars worth of the good stuff on the original pranksters home would be an epic payback. They weren't wrong.

Meet the Flying Cowboys.

While it does look cool, I'm really skeptical to believe their friend, with his own airplane mind you... lives in a small house like that, on an airstrip. Does that mean this entire video is fake? No... I mean, you have to ignore that they "surprised" their friend with their payback, but also managed to get the video filmed from his front yard... The details just don't add up. It's like those ridiculous scripted gifs of annoying couples you see on Facebook... There's no way it's legit. But that doesn't mean it's not cool.

Come on, who else is going to toss a thousand dollars of perfectly adequate Costco tissue out of a plane? It made one heck of a mess, and all in all, not a bad idea. Just keep in mind, you can't trust anything you're not witnessing in person. Take that to the bank.

Also, if you managed to stay through the plight of the anti-littering pilot, take that to heart. Next time you find yourself walking the park, the mountains, the lake, etc... Grab a single grocery bag from that pile you've been hoarding for years and fill it up with trash. Be the good you want to see. It'll rub off on people.

Also, if you're the type of fisherman that discards your little pieces of line and lure packaging around the bank... Stand up, take two steps backwards, and punch yourself in the face as hard as you can.

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