The French parody metal band Ultra Vomit were invited to perform at the private palace of Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, as part of a bet the leader made with a pair of popular YouTubers.

In February, Macron challenged the YouTube duo McFly and Carlito to create a video to encourage safe personal hygiene as well as social distancing practices to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. His condition, per Reuters, was that if they video surpassed 10 million views, the two would then be invited to film their next video at Élysée Palace, the private and official residence of French presidents.

The YouTubers managed to eclipse the goal, won the bet and then filmed a 36-minute video at the palace. At the end, Ultra Vomit, an eccentric extreme metal band that also embraces a myriad of other styles, are seen performing the French lullaby "Une Souris Verte" ("A Green Mouse"), but it's unlike any rendition Macron had probably heard before.

The four-piece band, who formed in 1999, then tore into a brutal version of the lullaby, which appeared to both shock and confuse the President, who stared inquisitively at the stage as Ultra Vomit vocalist and guitarist Nicolas Patra (who goes by the alias 'Fetus'), discharged some low gurgles amid the grinding wall of distortion.

McFly and Carlito even jumped out of their seats to lightly mosh in the garden at Élysée Palace, but the President was not quick to join them, again trying to make sense of what was happening around him. Perhaps he was intrigued enough to pick up one of Ultra Vomit's three albums, the latest being Panzer Surprise!, which was released in 2017.

Watch Ultra Vomit's performance for President Macron in the video directly below.

Metal Band Ultra Vomit Performs for French President Emmanuel Macron at Élysée Palace

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