Fans should be very excited about Protest the Hero's fourth studio album, 'Volition.' The band has already unleashed two true bangers, 'Clarity' and 'Drumhead Trial,' and to get your mouth foaming even more, the Canadian progressive metal band has released a lyric video for the new track 'A Life Embossed.'

'A Life Embossed' is a perfect track to create a lyric video for. In reaction to their home city of Ontario, Canada passing legislation that ban residents to own or breed pit bulls, the self-professed dog lovers in Protest the Hero wrote 'A Life Embossed' to challenge the laws. The breed-specific legislation also orders pit bulls to be muzzled in public and to be either spayed or neutered. Pit bulls will also be automatically euthanized if a court finds they have bitten, attacked, posed a menace or if its owner has violated a law or court order pertaining to the pet.

So, how exactly do Protest the Hero argue their point? Make a cute animal video that will make you go "Awww." Along with cute puppy footage, the lyric video for 'A Life Embossed' showcases scenes of police taking away pit bulls from their families while the same authority holds a rifle to the head of one dog.

“The boys in PTH are long time dog lovers, it has come to our attention that there's injustice afoot!" begins vocalist Rody Walker. "Our home of Ontario Canada is the largest territory in all the world to pass legislation that discriminates against a specific breed of dog. This is a worldwide issue that the band is incredibly disturbed by. The song and video for "A Life Embossed" attempts to draw much needed attention to an issue that affects all dog lovers alike.”

Watch Protest the Hero's new lyric video for 'A Life Embossed' above and be sure to grab 'Volition' once it's released on Oct. 29. To pre-order the album, click here.

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