Some bands are great live... Puddle of Mudd isn't one of those. We know that first hand from their one and only visit to Lawton way back in 2008(ish). They were booked at one of the casinos along with Nile... It really was an odd bill that night. Anyway, all the dudes in the band were super cool. It was quite the experience playing Guitar Hero with them on the bus, but when it came time for the show, I figured the sheer amount of alcohol consumed was to blame for their unworthy performance... Turns out that gift of a golden voice may have just expired very early on in their amateur career.

All the same, I've seen some of their better performances on YouTube, so it could have been a fluke... But this "live in studio" cover of a Nirvana staple is so bad, you'd think it's one of those Kurt Cobain-esque thrash-tracks he was so famous for... Intentionally bad and what not.

Either way, I'm glad we could share this moment with you. I'm confident it's one you won't forget.

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