With Ant-Man now in theaters, we are once again reminded to keep our big superhero-loving butts in our seats throughout the duration of any comic-book movie’s closing credits. It’s become a superhero movie staple to have a scene tacked on to the end of the film that either teases an upcoming sequel or spinoff, pays off an unresolved storyline, or just sprinkles on one last dash of humor. We’ve gone through all the superhero post-credits scenes (including the two during the Ant-Man credits) that have ever made their way to the big screen to rank them.

One thing we noticed as we went through these clips is that very few stand the test of time. What seemed surprising or intriguing at first now seems goofy in retrospect, especially in the examples that tease movies or storylines that never actually happened, because they were in movies so bad they didn’t deserve a sequel (we’re looking at you, Green Lantern).

Yet, this is a trend that likely isn’t going to stop any time soon. When a post-credits scene works, it leaves the audience on a high, excited for the possibilities of what may come next (and already anticipating the next movie). Leave ‘em wanting more, as the old saying goes.

So, with that, we look back at the best (and worst) superhero post-credits scenes of all-time.

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