As an official sponsor for Record Store Day, which takes place nationally on April 20 and celebrates the culture surrounding still-standing indie record stores, Warner Bros. are rolling out limited edition vinyl treats from artists like the Black Keys, the Flaming Lips and Tegan and Sara.

Here's what audiophiles can look forward to -- and what should motivate you to get out of your chair and off your computer and into a record store next month.

The Keys will pair up with the Stooges for the 'No Fun' split 7" on colored vinyl. It will be limited to just 7,500 copies for the Side by Side vinyl series. The '69 version of the titular Stooges classic will occupy one side, with the Keys' 2002 cover on the flip, pressed on orange and red sunburst vinyl.

The Flaming Lips will release 'Zaireeka' as a four-disc, multicolored 12" vinyl set. It will also be limited to just 7,500 copies. All four discs are designed to be played on cue and simultaneously. They were remastered especially for RSD, with unique art and packaging limited to this release. Leave it to Wayne Coyne to do something totally different for RSD.

Canadian sisters Tegan and Sara will released the 'Closer Remixed' vinyl 12" EP. It will be limited to 5,000 copies and features an exclusive selection of remixes of the hit single 'Closer,' from their latest album, 'Hearthrob.' Remixes were done by Sultan & Ned Shepard, Morgan Page, Until the Ribbon Breaks,the Knocks, Bradley Hale, Yeasayer, Chris Walla, Damian Taylor, Ted Gowans and C-ro & Sofa.

All these sonic goodies are limited and special, so why not head over to a brick-and-mortar store, browse the racks and add something rare to your collection?

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