Redneck engineer and YouTuber Shawn Woods knows his way around a mouse trap. Where he lives, mice and rats are just a part of the ecosystem. They find a way in, he traps 'em, cuts off access, rinse and repeat. Honestly, there are thousands of ways to trap these little critters. There are entire channels and websites devoted to making new and improving old traps... but this one is a whole new ballgame.

Before you start to think that it's inhumane, I would beg the differ. No doubt, it's a rather long way around for the same result, but if you have enough free time and mouse catching is a daily thing for you, by all means. Besides, a quick nail through the head sounds more humane to me than suffocation under a trap that wasn't strong enough to snap the neck. Poison is cruel, glue traps are torture, and drowning traps are probably the worst. That's just a bad way to send something on. Regardless, here it is.

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