What has TV become these days? A never ending tilt-o-whirl of crappy reality and trashy talk shows. It's a world where editorialized opinion somehow passes for news, and an emotional back-story somehow makes up the difference in lesser talents. When we'd rather see the underdog win, not for overcoming adversity and winning, but because we pity them. It's all participation trophy TV. Seriously. Japan probably has the weirdest shows in the world, but even when the game is made up on the spot, the victor is the outright winner... Not the handsome or pretty one. Not the one with the worse upbringing. What was fair was fair.

Reminds me of the 90's. When game shows were few, but entertaining, and if the person that you hated won, you at least had respect for their accomplishment. It was a simpler time. Beavis & Butthead was the worst thing on the tube. It was the most crass, inappropriate show my young mind had ever seen, and it was glorious. Of course, parents hated it. My parents barred me from watching it. So I did what every other kid did, I watched the kid version of it... Ren & Stimpy. It came on in those very rare blocks of time when MTV wasn't playing music videos, and VH1 capitalized on what they dubbed Liquid Television. It was the golden age of television. Where six strangers were picked to live together, and it wasn't all about the endorsement deal and fame. It was just the experiment to see if you could do it.

I'll admit, it's been a few hours since I had the conversation and debate about all of this, so I don't really remember where it's going, but the gist was TV these days sucks. At least we have YouTube. Creative stuff still lives there.

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