When we were kids, we did dumb stuff... That tradition still continues today.

Let me be completely honest with you... I've never in my life had a roman candle fight until we filmed this. It just never occurred to us as kids to point fireworks at each other. Well, maybe it did, but the consequences for doing something like that would be hard and swift in my family. I didn't grow up with a brother, so I really had nobody to get in trouble with. Luckily, when I moved to Lawton in '06, I met my brother from another mother, Critter.

Critter had been telling me for a few years how much fun roman candle fights were when he was a kid. I had nothing to compare it to, so I just trusted his impeccable judgement on the topic. Naturally, as time wore on, as well as the pressure from corporate to film videos, we decided we'd have a duel Roman style... with fireworks.

The Ground Rules:

Being my first roman candle fight, and the fact that we're both ridiculously talented marksman, we agreed not to shoot our roman candles at each others faces. Instead, we agreed to shoot around each others feet... at least, that was the agreement, but in true older brother style, Critter nailed me a few times right in the face... IN THE FAAACCEEE! It was fun, hilarious, and a good little bro experience. I now know, when Critter promises not to inflict injury during fun time, he lyin'. Next time, when we have the inevitable rematch, all bets are off. We shall operate at dusk.

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