You may have heard that the College Football playoff schedule was announced yesterday. The Rose Bowl has been played in California every year with the exception of one. Looks like that number will now be two.

The two big bowl games before the championship game are the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl this year. The Sugar Bowl is happening in New Orleans and the Rose Bowl is happening in Arlington, Texas. Yeah, a little weird to say that second one. The only other time the game has not been played in California was after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

People were worried another similar attack could happen on the West Coast and the jam packed Rose Bowl would be a prime target. So they moved the game to North Carolina. Since family and friends of the two teams playing in this year's game would not be allowed in the stands due to Covid-19 protocols in California, the game is now happening in Arlington, Texas.

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly, whose team is playing in the game, said his team would boycott if parents could not attend the game. So it looks like organizers had to find a new venue. Texas stepping up once again. Arlington has hosted the World Series this year and the National Finals Rodeo. Both of those were at Globe Life Field, the new home for the Texas Rangers.

AT&T Stadium will host the Rose Bowl this year, while also hosting the Cotton Bowl a few days before. Some people were assuming since the Rose Bowl moved here that the iconic Rose Bowl parade would also be happening in Texas. Sadly, no, just the game. The Rose Bowl is scheduled for January 1st, 2021 against #1 Alabama and #4 Notre Dame.

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