Driving around, it's hard not to notice that off-road vehicles are 'the thing' these days. Lifted trucks, grocery-getter Jeeps, mall-crawlers, etc... They kind of vehicles built to look tough, but will most likely never even see a dirt road. It's the trend. Off-road builder and part supplier Rough Country used their April Fools prowess to troll all of the current off-road posers with the Insta-Winch... A magnetic, non-functioning device to that'll make any concrete-punisher look tough, that also has the web demanding they make it for real.

Is it the worst idea ever? No. It's like the Nickelback of truck parts... a thing that will be cool, for a while. Rough Country has already stated, despite the massive interest in the Insta-Winch, they refuse to make it. Principals and all... But if you really wanted one, parts are dirt cheap to DIY your own. In fact, most of these parts are on the shelves at Harbor Freight. You just need to assemble it yourself.

You'll need:
Magnets, cheap cable, a cable guide, and some spray paint.

If you like it, don't let your dreams be dreams... just do it.

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