The Salvation Army is known for helping people.  Whether it's a hot meal, inexpensive items from their gift shop, the red buckets, or collecting toys for kids with the
Angel Tree, they are here to help.


Welcome to new Salvation Army officers, Captain Jake Law, and Captain Liz Law!  They are new to the area but already feeling the Southwest Oklahoma hospitality and welcome.

Captain Liz Law visited with us today (September 27th, 2021) about the upcoming registration for this year's Salvation Army Angel Tree.  This is something that my family has done for years, both when my children were young, and now my daughter is continuing the family tradition of giving to those in need during the holidays.

Registration for the Angel will begin Monday, October 11, and run through Friday, October 15th, at 1314 SW E Avenue.  Volunteers will be there to assist in registering families. This is what you need to know:

  • Because of COVID concerns, there will be only one family member allowed in the building at one time
  • You must bring documentation for each child you are registering, Birth Certificates for children ages 0-12 years of age
  • You must also provide proof of residency in either Stephens or Comanche County with a photo ID.

Salvation Army has once again partnered with Walmart on Sheridan Road and will open for residents of Southwest Oklahoma to come in, pick angels from the tree, do some shopping right there, and return gifts all at the same time.

Salvation Army Women's Auxillary
Salvation Army Women's Auxillary

Whether you are droppings change in the Red Buckets, donating items for the store, or helping out a child with Angel Tree gifts, we know that Southwest Oklahomans will answer the call!  "Doing the Most Good" is what Salvation Army is all about!  For more information, you can visit Salvation Army, or call 580-355-1802.

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