After the OU Sooners managed to somehow come back and win a game in which they looked terrible last week against the Texas Longhorns, the OSU Cowboy fan within me knew this past Saturday was likely going to be an ugly one. Texas doesn't like losing, but they especially hate losing to Oklahoma teams. That's how rivalries are built.

Now I only caught the first half of that Red River Rivalry game and Texas was flat out-playing OU on every down. I thought Texas had it in the bag. I didn't think Lincoln Riley had the stones to bench his rumored star quarterback Spencer Rattler and take a chance on a true freshman taking the snaps. That was apparently the game-changer that earned OU that glorious golden hat trophy for another year.

Historically, if you look back through much of OSU/UT's past games when the Longhorns take a bad beating from OU, Texas releases that aggression on Oklahoma State. While Gundy has managed to pull off a record amount of Texas Longhorn wins, it's been a few years since that result has happened.

Oklahoma State and the mullet brigade rolled into Austin this past weekend and throughout the course of one of this year's best ballgames so far, the Cowboys pulled off the upset in the most spectacular way, decisively.

Add in what undefeated OU to the always unpredictable TCU, and I think it's safe to say the state of Texas can comfortably refer to Oklahoma as "Daddy" for the time being... at least until Texas Tech has their opportunity to wreck OU's year in Norman Halloween weekend. The last time it happened was almost exactly ten years ago. Tech rolled into Memorial Stadium and handed the Sooners a stunning and ultra-rare loss at home.

If you remember that game, you probably remember OU fans calling for the firing of then-head coach Big Game Bob Stoops. One spectacular loss, fire him! But what can you expect from a fan base that holds the team above any individual as it sort of should be. They did the same to star quarterback Spencer Rattler earlier this year, starting a chant to bench him loud enough it came through the TV broadcast.

Call it toxic if you want or call it tradition, just know if you live in Texas, call us Daddy first.

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