Saving Abel are on their way back with a new look and sound. The group has circled Nov. 11 on the calendar for brand new 'Blood Stained Revolution' album and they're exclusively teaming with Loudwire to premiere the title track.

As stated, there've been some changes since the last album with frontman Jared Weeks and drummer Michael McManus exiting the group. But in their places are new vocalist Scotty Austin and drummer Steven Pulley and a renewed energy in the band. Rounded out by Jason Null and Scott Bartlett on guitars and Eric Taylor on bass, the five-piece outfit is ready to rock again.

The band tells Loudwire, "We are so excited to have joined forces with our new singer Scotty Austin, who has proven to be an amazing songwriter in his own right. We feel like we have risen to a whole new level as songwriters and as live performers. As always it’s all about our blue collar fans and we are proud to share this new song and album with them.”

As for the release date, Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and it's no coincidence the band chose that day to release the album. The group has been strong supporters of the military over the years, playing for U.S. troops at home and overseas and dedicating such tracks as '18 Days,' 'Drowning' and 'Miss America' to the U.S. Military.

Saving Abel have a bunch of dates booked for the remainder of the year with no intent of slowing down. Check out the itinerary here and check out their PledgeMusic pre-order campaign here.

Saving Abel, 'Blood Stained Revolution'

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