Saving Abel are welcoming back original vocalist Jared Weeks for their next release, an EP that also harkens back to the early days of the group by revisiting some of their earliest material. Shade of Grace - Twenty Year Songs will be arriving this Friday (July 9).

The album's title is a nod to their pre-Saving Grace band name as they originally went as Shade of Grace when they started as a group back in 2005. This new six-song set takes the band back to some of their earliest written material and shares it with the Saving Grace fanbase on a wider scale.

Guitarist Jason Null states, “Our producer Skidd, Jared and myself all started going back to those songs independently of each other. We all felt drawn back to the beginning without even speaking to each other about it initially. So, that’s what we did.”

The idea started to surface between Weeks and Null just prior to the announcement that Scotty Austin, who took over for Weeks in 2013, would be leaving the band.

“You never know how it’s gonna feel,” Weeks says. “Like, will this be weird? Will we still have that cool thing we had in the beginning? Well, let me just tell you, it’s there. I felt like I was back to that young, excited, not jaded guy. There’s just something about the three of us together that is magic.”

And while the focus is on their early material, the sessions also yielded a new song inspired by the sessions showing that the connection was still strong.

As for the decision to return, Weeks says, “It was time, time to come home.” In addition to the new EP, the band is working on an "essentials" album for the fall with three previously unreleased songs and a spring 2022 tour as well.

“The sky is the limited for us right now,” Weeks says, “We already made the mistakes and poor decisions. Now we get to do it our way, with a little more clear headedness and a lot more guitar solos.”

You can pre-order/pre-save Saving Abel's Shade of Grace - Twenty Year Songs right here.

Saving Abel, Shade of Grace - Twenty Year Songs Artwork + Track Listing

Saving Abel
Saving Abel

1. Southern Train
2. Wasted Time
3. I Sing a Song
4. By Your Damn Self
5. The Way I've Been Loving You
6. Whatever it Takes

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