Well, it didn't take long before scammers returned to Lawton, Fort Sill and the surrounding area to rob people of their money, identities and piece of mind. Be on guard and very careful with both your money and identity, the "Grandparents" scam has come back to town. I really hope that those committing this crime are caught and severely punished. I hate all scammers, but those who target the elderly are especially vile. Locally there have been reports of this scam making the rounds and unfortunately a few people have already fallen victim.

So what is the "Grandparents" scam and how does it work? A scammer targets an elderly person and gets their cell, or home phone number. That along with a few simple details on their family, usually obtained from Facebook or other social media site. After that they call them and pose as a grandchild, or a friend to a grandchild who's in trouble and needs help. They attempt to convince the grandparent that they need to give them money to pay for bail, a warrant or some form of other legal trouble.

Another way the scam is pulled is to avoid the legal trouble angle altogether and ask for money to pay for car repairs, emergency hospital bills, rent or mortgage payments etc. So if you get a call from an unknown number asking for money to help a grandchild or really any member of the family, it's best to reach out and talk to that person directly. If the scammers are trying to pose as law enforcement, a court employee or attorney verify by calling that agency or person to make sure the call is legit. Don't give anyone who calls you any money, additional financial information or other details they could use to steal your identity.

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