Album artwork is a sacred thing in heavy metal. Bands make sure that the album cover is a solid reflection on the atmosphere and ethos of their album in order to give their work further depth and immerse the listener by incorporating as many senses as possible. The resurgence of the vinyl format has further solidified the importance of album art, as fans can pour over every little detail of the cover. Sometimes, every little detail might prove to be too much.

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Album covers reflect the mood of the music, which often tries to create an aura of fear and terror. This imagery can play on a multitude of themes like fantasy horror, real-life situations, and emotions. We've done all the dirty work and sifted through countless album covers that have brought many sleepless nights to fans over the years in order to present the 31 Scariest Metal Album Covers in the gallery below!

31 Scariest Metal Album Covers

All sorts of creepy.

Gallery Credit: Joe DiVita

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