If you're into the paranormal and supernatural Oklahoma has more than its fair share of haunted places, urban legends, and eerie tales. It seems almost every county, town, and place you can go to in the Sooner State there are ghost stories being told. As a matter of fact, Oklahoma is one of the most haunted states with more ghosts per capita than anywhere else in the entire country! Here are 10 terrifying hauntings in OK.

#10 The Haunted Mission of Sacred Heart, OK.

There's an old mission located in the ghost town of Sacred Heart, OK. that is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of children and other ghosts. The mission was the site of a tragic fire that took place in 1901 that burned down most of the mission, schoolhouses, church, and other buildings that once stood on the property. The fire is said to have killed several children and adults who died trying to escape the flames.

There have been reports of ghost children that have been seen on the property. Supposedly it's the victims of the 1901 fire. Not only ghosts, but people have also said they've heard cries, screams, and even laughter all of which sounded like children. It's a pretty active location for hauntings and supernatural sightings.

#09 The Haunting of Bird Creek School in Pawhuska, OK.

Maybe you've heard of it. The infamous Bird Creek School in Pawhuska, OK. It's been the location of numerous rumored hauntings, supernatural occurrences, and paranormal investigations throughout the years. There are ghost stories galore and the frightening legend of this place continues to grow and spread.

If you visit the school go inside and write your name on the chalkboard then walk out and wait a while, when you go back inside your name will be mysteriously erased from the board. Some say that invisible hands, ghosts from prior students erase names and other messages that have been written on the board. Those who have gone to the school and tried it say the stories are true and their names were erased. There have also been paranormal investigators who have captured EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) evidence and recorded voices and other unexplained noises while visiting the school.

#08 The haunting of the dreaded Parallel Forrest in Lawton, OK.

So what are some of the famed stories of the Parallel Forest in Lawton, OK. There's everything from ghosts, strange noises, beastly creatures, witches, Satanists and just about every other kind of paranormal or horrifying experience pulled directly from your nightmares. Supposedly during the prohibition era outlaws and lawmen used the forest to dispose of enemies and bury the evidence—everything from bodies to treasure.

Along with that, there are stories of those who became lost and died in the forest unable to find their way out, and now haunt the area. Several people have reported seeing ghosts of men, women, and children walking through the trees at night. It gets worse, some people have said they saw a large wolf-like creature who hunts the woods for prey. There have been reports of howls, growls, red eyes, sharp teeth, and other terrifying descriptions of this creature in the woods. Most only get a glimpse before running to safety.

#07 The haunted Gandini Circus Camp in Edmond, OK.

There are tales of tragedies and horrific occurrences that allegedly took place at the old Gandini Circus Camp in Edmond, OK. From killer clowns to murderous ringmasters who kidnapped and killed people including children. There are stories of unfortunate deaths that happened at the site involving performers, circus animals, and even freaks who met their end at the camp. Some died practicing and performing dangerous stunts, others from malnutrition, unexplained accidents, disease, the elements, and even murder.

Those who have braved visiting the site have reported seeing apparitions of ghosts, shadow figures, and floating spirits of both human and animal origin. They all tell of an eerie and almost overwhelming feeling of fright and despair all around the site. Ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have also said they've heard voices, laughter, and screaming at the camp. Some have even spoken with disembodied voices, almost having a conversation with an unseen person or presence. It's a very active location!

#06 The haunting of the Purple Church in Spencer, OK.

Paranormal investigators, mediums, psychics, and ghost hunters who have made the trip to Spencer, OK. and checked out the 'Purple Church' talk about a dark presence that can be felt and even heard. Most say it's not a ghost but rather a demon of some kind. There have also been stories of investigators stumbling across rituals being performed at the site while they were investigating. They mention seeing robbed figures, lit torches, and hearing chanting coming from the 'Purple Church.' Some have even been chased away.

Over the years the legend of the 'Purple Church' has grown and its fame for being one of, if not the most haunted places in the entire state. This location is not only very active when it comes to the paranormal, it's also very active when it comes to the supernatural. It's rumored to be a gateway to hell and home to several demons and other evil spirits who have been conjured by Satanists and witches throughout the years.

#05 The Brown Springs haunted cemetery in Thackerville, OK.

This now-abandoned cemetery in Thackerville, OK. is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of outlaws. Allegedly there are unmarked graves everywhere and the lagoon or spring was used to dump bodies in. Some say there are more unmarked graves and mass graves at Brown Springs Cemetery than proper burial sites.

Not only bodies outlaws also supposedly buried loot and other treasure in the area and used the springs and lagoon as a hideout. Over the years ghost hunters and paranormal investigators have researched the cemetery and conducted various investigations. Those who have ventured into the cemetery, at least some of them, have reported seeing full-body apparitions, shadow figures, and eerie light orbs and forms.

Along with that, some have stated that they've heard cries, screams, and other noises both at the cemetery and in the surrounding woods. There have even been times when people were told to leave and that they were unwelcomed by unseen voices. Even the sounds of horses and gunfire have been heard like the spirits of years past are charging across the broken-down drawbridge that's also on the property.

#04 The haunted Girl Scout camp in Locust Grove, OK.

If you're unfamiliar with this tragic and horrifying case it happened back in 1977 at a Girl Scout camp named 'Camp Scott' in Locust Grove, OK. 3 girls were attacked and murdered by an unknown homicidal maniac.

With Camp Scott being the site of such a horrendous crime, the rumors of it being haunted are widespread. Those who visit the camp report seeing and hearing the ghosts of children along with all kinds of other paranormal, even supernatural activity. One thing's for sure, haunted or not, the place is beyond creepy.

#03 The haunting of St. Vincent's Asylum in Oklahoma City, OK.

St. Vincent's asylum in Oklahoma City, OK. is one of the Sooner States' scariest and most active haunts. People from all over visit and investigate the location and most report seeing, hearing, and feeling the paranormal. More than that, some investigators claim that a demonic and dangerous entity is present.

Throughout the year's several different teams of investigators have experienced and reported all sorts of activity. A lot of them agree that something more than the tortured souls of the dead is lurking about. St. Vincent is home to a lot more than just ghosts and spirits according to paranormal experts. These experts agree that some form of demonic energy or presence is what caused all the tragedies at the asylum.

#02 The haunting of the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, OK.

The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, OK. is rumored to be the most haunted place in Oklahoma. It was originally built back in 1907 and at one time was used as a funeral home. Today it's a bed and breakfast. That's right you can book a room here and do a little paranormal investigating for yourself!

This scary story has ghosts, mummies, witchcraft, devil worshipers and all kinds of nightmare fuel. One of the strangest stories is about a man named Elmer McCurdy who was gunned down by the law after a botched train robbery. His body was taken to Pawhuska, OK. where the local mortician turned him into a mummy. He was put on display and people would pay to see his mummified corpse.

#01 The Haunted Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, OK.

It's the most famous haunted hotel in all of Oklahoma, maybe even the Nation. Have you ever heard of the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, OK? The hotel was originally built back in 1911 and is now over 110 years old. It's been reported numerous times throughout the years that it's haunted. Several people have experienced paranormal and all kinds of nightmarish supernatural activity while staying at the Skirvin.

Guests who have stayed at the hotel report hearing strange noises and seeing objects move by themselves. Some have even said they saw a female ghost wandering the halls and heard slamming doors, glass breaking, and a woman and child crying.

These types of experiences have been reported by numerous people throughout the years. Even some NBA superstars who have stayed at the Skirvin while in OKC to take on the Thunder. A lot of them said they wouldn't stay there again due to the haunting. More than one person has left early during their stay.

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