Butcher and the boys are back! We're only a short 30 days away from Season two of "The Boys." It will finally be released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 4th 2020 (09-04-20). It looks every bit as good, if not better than the first season. If you haven't seen the trailer yet you have to hit play. WARNING: It does contain strong language, violence and lots of blood, gore and whale entrails.

This time around we'll be seeing some new characters and super heroes including what appears to be a new member of the seven, Stormfront. Not too sure if she's with Vought and the Seven or just some random super that shows up, guess we'll have to wait and see. The trailer does give us a glimpse of the future and an idea of what's to come, super-villains and super-terrorist. This is gonna get crazy, better yet...Crazier!

If you haven't seen season one of The Boys yet it's streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and free to all Prime members. It's a great show and based off the comic book of the same name. They've changed up a few things including some of the characters, but it follows the same basic story lines and ideas. So even if you're familiar with the book, the show does have some unexpected twists and turns to keep everyone interested.

The Boys is a different take on super heroes and their role in society. The heroes are seriously flawed, egotistical and selfish. In this world most of the heroes are more concerned with money, fame and their own ambitions to worry about the average citizen. Supers, as they're called, only serve the interests of whoever pays the most. It's definitely different, dark and incredibly funny. At least I think so and I can't wait to see season two!

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