By pretty much all accounts, the musical divorce between Skid Row and Sebastian Bach in the mid ’90s worked out pretty well for everyone — the band has moved on with singer Johnny Solinger, who’s logged over a decade in the position, and Bach has pursued an eclectic solo career, while dabbling in reality TV. But there are still plenty of people who’d like to see a reunion — including Bach himself.

Bach faced yet another reunion question via Twitter over the weekend, when a fan asked him about the odds of getting back together with the band. His response: “4 out of 5 want to do it. Believe it or not, I am one of the 4 who would do it.”

Bach’s willingness to reunite with his former bandmates isn’t a complete surprise — he seemed open to the idea when rumors of a tour surfaced last year — but it’s still somewhat surprising, given the fact that his most recent solo album, ‘Kicking & Screaming,’ is less than a year old.

In fact, touring commitments of his own would keep Bach from doing anything with Skid Row for the rest of 2012; he’ll spend the summer performing throughout Europe (including appearances at the Download and Gods of Metal festivals) before heading back to the U.S. for a handful of dates, including participation in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas on October 13.

Meanwhile, Skid Row are reportedly slowly getting around to following up its last release, 2006′s ‘Revolutions Per Minute.’ In an interview with Ultimate Guitar last year, guitarist Scotti Hill admitted, “Everybody’s writing and we’re getting into that mindset, but we’re very slow. We’re very lazy.”

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