You know, growing up, we didn't really decorate much for the holidays. Sure, mom put things up around the inside of the house... lots of 80's garland, poinsettias, and some crazy amazing themed trees... but on the outside of the house, dad never really went all out. Like most fams back then, mom stayed home with the kids, dad was always busy working. In fact, the one year he actually did go above and beyond for the holiday, stretching lights all around the house and yard, my sisters loser boyfriend decided to ride his BMX bike through the display. This is back when boys picked on the girls they liked. Dad said "Never again" because, spoiler, people suck.

We did get to see christmas lights a lot though. When the family was bored on a cold Northern Oklahoma night, we'd take a trip around the neighborhood to see how everyone else decorated their houses. There was one culdesac right in the middle of town where people went hog wild with lights. Every single house jam packed full of lights and displays, lines of cars backed up, local police directing traffic, it was insane and apparently forgettable. When we moved back from Denver, my parents bought a house on that street, and christmas was a nightmare. When the neighbors insisted we decorate, my parents spelled out "DITTO" in lights on a pegboard and hung it off the garage. It was hilarious.

Times have changed, most of those neighbors have died, and holiday lights just aren't what they used to be. That doesn't stop everyone though. There's one family just outside of Tulsa that go so high above the christmas spirit meter, they're featured on TV almost every year. It's called Kringle's Christmas Land, and they are the neighbor you don't want to live by this time of year.

They advertise over 12,000 lights, electronic displays, they even sacrificed the garage to have more space to put holiday displays. It's crazy. If you wanted to get out and see some incredible christmas stuff with the kids, Jenks might be too far of a drive. Chickasha has theirs too, but you might google out other stuff a little closer to home... or just do it yourself. Even just one string of lights is easy enough to bust out for the kiddos. Get to it.

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