One day and counting, the wait's almost over for the mega three day, three stage live music festival Rocklahoma 2021. It all kicks off tomorrow and runs through the entire Labor Day weekend. They just announced the daily set times for all three days and all three stages. You can now start planning your routes and timing so you don't miss a single minute of all the bands you want to see. It's tough, but very doable.

Day one (Friday) kicks off at 11:00am when they open the Roadhouse gates as Straight Six performs live on the Deb Concerts Stage with several bands to follow. At 3:00pm on Friday the Main Festival gates open and the Renegade Stage kicks off with Plush. The Main or Freedom Stage will get started at 4:00pm on Friday with From Ashes To New. Headlining the Main/Freedom Stage at 11:00pm closing out night one of Rocklahoma will be the living dead himself, Rob Zombie. Now that's how you kick off a three day festival!

Day two (Saturday) starts at 11:00am when the Roadhouse gates open for the Deb Concerts stage featuring The Rumors. At 3:00pm on Saturday the Main Festival gates will open and we'll be seeing School of Rock live on the Renegade Stage. Then at 4:00pm on Saturday the Main/Freedom Stage will get kicked off with the Butcher Babies. Headlining the Main/Freedom Stage at 11:00pm closing out night two is Slipknot!

Day three (Sunday) the live music marathon continues with Chaotic Resemblance taking to the Deb Concerts Stage at 11:00am when the Roadhouse gate opens up. At 3:00pm on Sunday the Main Festival gates open and we'll be seeing Jeris Johnson on the Renegade Stage. Starting at 4:00pm on Sunday the Main/Freedom Stages gets underway with Stellar Ascent. Headlining the Main/Freedom Stage at 8:45pm the very lovely and talented Lzzy Hale and Halestorm. And finally closing out night three on the Renegade Stage at 9:55pm The Hu will wrap up the evening and will be the final band to perform live at Rocklahoma 2021.

I'm looking forward to it and seeing everyone again. If you won FREE TICKETS to Rocklahoma from Z94 "The Concert Connection" CONGRATS! A big thanks too to AEG Presents for hooking us up and for inviting us out this Labor Day weekend, we really appreciate it!

Don't forget you'll need to download the official Rocklahoma Moblie App to register your wristbands. To get the app go to the App Store or Google Play. If you have an iPhone grab it here if you have an Android get it here. It's quick, easy and free to download and use. You can also visit the official Rocklahoma website.

You'll not only need the Rocklahoma app to register your wristband, you'll need it throughout the entire festival. The app comes in super handy and will have all the daily line-ups so you know where to go and when to be there. It has maps of the festival grounds with everything clearly marked including stages, bathrooms, vendors and more. This app has everything you'll need to make the most of your Labor Day weekend.

If you're planning to make the trip and will be in attendance for this year's Rocklahoma I'm looking forward to seeing you there. Stop by "Radio Row" Z94 will be there broadcasting live all Labor Day weekend bringing you all the front row and backstage insanity that is Rocklahoma. We're just a short t-minus one day and counting.

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