Some genius designer is reaping thousands by putting fiberglass pools inside cheap shipping containers, and selling them as instant pools!

It's pretty brilliant because shipping containers are pretty cheap, super strong, and available in every corner of the planet. Add in the limitless capabilities of fiberglass, and you've got a self contained, earthquake proof pool you can have installed the same day you want to swim!

Now before you start googling, keep this in mind. Just because containers are cheap, these pools aren't. Granted, if you watch pool shows on HGTV and DIY, you constantly see three and four hundred thousand dollar pools... In that respect, these are bargain basement!

On average, one of these is going to set you back a cool $25,000-ish delivered. That includes the crane, but you'll still have to set up the ground for it.

Now if you look at the cost of building an in-ground pool, $25k doesn't look too bad for a pool that can transfer with you... but it's way more than the $50 blow-up pools we're used to rocking from WalMart.

I digress, when you want to cool off, might as well do it in style. There's a lot of builders, google one yourself.


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