What is your favorite stereotype of Oklahoma? While we're known for tornadoes, there's very little else outside of politics the country knows about us.

Within the state, we have our own stereotypes too. OKC is dirty, Tulsa is for hipsters, Eastern Oklahoma is full of meth, Western Oklahoma is full of cows, "Visit Lawton for the mountains, stay because you'll get murdered..." While there may be anecdotal evidence of small truths there, perception is rarely reality.

What about artificial intelligence? Supercomputers cruise the web soaking up as much menial information as possible, are they able to capture the spirit of Sooner State communities just from Wikipedia pages?

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Here's how artificial intelligence thinks Oklahomans live.

Oklahomans According to A.I.

While you might not think Oklahoma was so viral on the web, there are hundreds of solid Sooner State-based TikTok accounts and creators out there. Most of them are associated with the #FarmTok tag, a fair amount of Lord Farquad-looking teens tossing slushies on their squatted trucks, but also a handful of standouts. Accounts like OklahomaViews - whose mission seems to be creating epic OK content until they go viral. Let's see if we can make that happen.

Here is what A.I. thinks Oklahomans look like around the state.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

Restaurants Oklahomans Wish We Had in the Sooner State

All across social media, people in Oklahoma are holding nothing back talking about restaurants they wish were in and around the Sooner State. If you had one wish, which eatery would you pick?

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Personal Crimes on the Rise in Oklahoma

Here's the rundown on the most common personal crimes that are on the rise in the Sooner State.

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