It's on! Six Feet Under are back and ready to pummel you with their eleventh studio album. Crypt of the Devil now carries a May 5 street date via Metal Blade Records.

This hard-hitting disc was composed by Six Feet Under's frontman Chris Barnes and his partner in crime -- Cannabis Corpse bassist/vocalist Phil "Landphil" Hall. The two bands crossed paths on tour in 2013 and eventually agreed to write together. Their pairing yielded the new album, with Barnes stating that Hall's take on the band's music was "where my wheelhouse is -- it's where I thrive vocally and lyrically."

Much like the band's previous works, Barnes has penned some of the lyrics from the perspective of a serial killer. He adds, "[It's a] winding journey through his mind. The songs paint a picture that's not necessarily linear, rather a meandering back and forth through a dark soul." The group has already served up a preview song as the hard driving "Open Coffin Orgy" is available for your listening pleasure in the player above.

As stated, Six Feet Under's Crypt of the Devil will arrive on May 5. However, you can already pre-order the disc in a variety of bundle package at this location. Look for the band kicking off promotion of the disc on tour in Europe. Dates can be found here.

Six Feet Under, Crypt of the Devil

Six Feet Under Crypt of the Devil
Metal Blade Records

Six Feet Under, Crypt Of The Devil Track Listing:

1. "Gruesome"
2. "Open Coffin Orgy"
3. "Broken Bottle Rape"
4. "Break the Cross in Half"
5. "Lost Remains"
6. "Slit Wrists"
7. "Stab"
8. "The Night Bleeds"
9. "Compulsion to Brutalize"
10. "Eternal in Darkness"

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