Protesters can be a common sighting at metal shows. At Slayer's recent gig in San Jose, Cali, a fan dressed as Jesus faced a religious group protesting the event with a sign that read, "Jesus listens to Slayer." It was a respectful, non-intrusive, lighthearted way to offer an opposing side to the group's message. A picture of the moment was shared to the Slayer reddit after the show was over:

Religious fanatics showed up outside the Slayer show tonight. This was our response. from r/Slayer

It seems that wasn't the fan's first Slayer show either, as this photo was posted from a concert in May:

Have you ever encountered protesters at a show? If so, what was your response? Were they unruly or respectful?

Slayer will resume their farewell trek with a one-off appearance at ForceFest in San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico on Oct. 7. The next leg of their tour kicks off on Nov. 1 in Dublin, Ireland. The band recently confirmed that additional farewell dates will be announced for 2019. Locations for those dates, however, remain unknown.

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