If you're not familiar with 'Death Diving,' no worries, it's a Norwegian thing. Every Summer, they gather to hold this world class belly flop competition. The idea is to be really bad at diving, but with grace, style, and guts.

While it looks like a bunch of beer-swilling buddies got together to goof around, this is a legit sport in Norway. Athletes command top sponsorship dollars and everything. They literally train all year to hop off a 10meter platform (just shy of 33 feet) with a game plan to hit the water safely. As you'd imagine, an actual belly-flop at that height is potentially problematic.

Participants are scored in two ways. The first half of your score is based on the elegance and gracefulness of your dive, and the other is based on how close you can get to the water before tucking. Believe it or not, perfect scores and multi-competitor ties are common.

If you want to start your own Death Diving Team USA, too bad... We don't measure in meters, 'Merica.


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