Slayer are offering a thoroughly metallic twist on those popular Valentine’s Day treats known as “conversation hearts” as only Kerry King and co. can. You know ‘em – those pink, white and yellow hard candies with phrases like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Kiss Me’ etched on them. Well, the Slayer version of said candies are black and red and they come in a jar stamped with the red red Slayer logo. But that’s not even the coolest part. The Slayer hearts boast phrases like ‘Hate,’ ‘Kill’ and ‘Destoy.’ There are even ones with the band’s name imprinted on them. Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

It’s only $12.99 a jar and the container can be repurposed once you gobble up all those deliciously hateful sweet treats. We recommend keeping the whole thing in tact and not eating the candies. Instead, put the jar on a shelf or a coffee table for all your metal friends to gawk at. It’s certainly quite the, er, conversation starter.

We also recommend this item as a gift for female headbangers to purchase for their boyfriends. However, if you are a dude with a cool girlfriend who loves Slayer more than you do, nab one for her. Go here to purchase. Hurry! Valentine’s Day is next week.