We may have to wait a while longer for new Slipknot music, but percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan is doing his best to keep us occupied with solo music. Over the last two weeks, the musician has now released nine new pieces of music for fans to take in. The three latest pieces fall under the "Brainwash Love" title he's been using for a majority of the material, with new installments named "Listen to the Whispers," "Trip in Blue," though it carries the song title "Nothing Like," and "Brainwash Love - The Head in the Noise," which also carries an alternate song title - "I've Tried."

"Brainwash Love - Listen to the Whispers" starts off heavy, dark and electronic, making a subtle pullback on the heaviness in favor of adding in a danceable beat. By the time the song ends, it's reverted back the other way with the beat slowed in favor of a more crushing conclusion. It clocks in at just under four minutes and Crahan has accompanied the song with a creepy visual of what appears to be an animatronic face moving uncomfortably behind a fencing mask. Check it out below.

Shawn Crahan, "Brainwash Love - Listen to the Whispers"

As stated above, the second new entry is a video titled "Brainwash Love - Trip in Blue," but it's noted on the video that the track has actually been given the moniker "Nothing Like." It's a slow-building soundscape set against the backdrop of a spider navigating its web with a pink-hued visual. Get a closer look below.

Shawn Crahan, "Brainwash Love - Trip in Blue"

The third new entry also separates the whole piece from the song with the clip named "Brainwash Love - The Head in the Noise," while the song is titled "I've Tried." This instrumental starts off a little more sinister sounding, with a visual of a masked person under a group of veils thrashes their head back and forth with their mouth agape. It's the shortest of the three instrumentals, clocking in at just under 2:45.

Shawn Crahan, "Brainwash Love - The Head in the Noise"

The Slipknot musician started this run of new music with clips titled "Live Your Life" and "Brainwash Love - Death Inside." That was soon followed by "Brainwash Love - Feed the Worms Birds." There was a small break before he then followed with "Brainwash Love - Suction" and "Brainwash Love - Dreaming," and earlier this week he also served up "Brainwash Love - Shhh."

Crahan has yet to reveal if the new music will be compiled as an album. For now, each of the songs has been posted online via his Live Your Life YouTube account.

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